Whitby Civic Society

President Mr M Dawson
Vice President Mr B Atkinson
Chairman-Dr John Field
vice Chair Mrs B Bayliss
Secretary Mr D. James
Treasurer Ms L Thompson

January 16th at Coliseum 2:00 pm

‘William Willison's Tulips in Whitby's New Gardens’ by Linda Chapman.

Linda is a member of Wakefield tulip society and became interested in William Willison on finding out that the tulip ‘Joseph Paxton’ was bred by Willison of Whitby. She has researched and written a couple of articles on the lives of William Willison (opened New Gardens to the public) and to some extend his father Alexander Willison (opened a market garden on Pannett Park land, then set up a botanic garden at New Gardens), both considered to be botanical experts. Their descendants still live in Whitby with some members still retailing fruit and vegetables in the Town